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Saving Generations, Inc. is being established to provide a well-balanced program for at risk youth ages 8-19 in the Cobb County/Metro Atlanta, GA and Baltimore, MD (surrounding areas). *Some sub-programs do not carry an age requirement. The organization will create partnerships with the local school districts, Department of Family and Children Resources and the juvenile/adult judicial systems. We are a crisis prevention/intervention, mentoring/educational and social service public nonprofit 501c3 entity according to the IRS. This organization is available to all youth and families regardless of race, color or creed. Saving Generations will be divided into following programs (more to follow as organization develops):

CUTIES/MEN OF GRANDEUR: Mentors meet with the youth to deal with topics that plague them during this age. Some topics include but are not limited to: Underage drinking, gang violence, teen pregnancy, abstinence, Aids/HIV, STD’s & STI’s, coping with school/parents/friends, scholarships, college or post-secondary goals, mental/physical health and hygiene.

Olive Branch: Saving Generations partner with local school systems to lend support with students who are displaying challenges. These challenges include but are not limited to: behavior, life skill sets and of course academia. We have determined that there is usually an underlying factor in why a student “chooses” to go against the grain in an adverse way. Unfortunately, the school system is limited with resources to aid these students within the general classroom setting. Parents must go to work so their availability is limited during school hours. This is where SG steps in. We do our best to aid the school, the students, and the families in general by creating classroom settings so that disruptive students can attend (during school hours of course). The students are given the work designed by their teacher to complete during these sessions. If the student needs help understanding the work, they receive it. Students are also taught life skills inclusive of: respect, positive behavior, and personal awareness to build self-esteem. In cases where classrooms are not available to us, we recommend the school to allow SG to carry out the consequences of office referrals (in conjunction with school district code). Having this matter outsourced offers an additional layer of accountability to the students. It also allows room for other programs to be fostered such as evaluation of the consequences once implemented. Another component of the Olive Branch program is the availability of a staff member of SG to go into the school system as a mentor. Parents cannot always take time off of work to volunteer at the school or to sit in during the normal flow of class. We at SG offer our services to do just that. This adds an additional level of accountability which has shown to improve student’s behavior. The Olive Branch Program is for students of all ages as long as they are in Elementary, Middle, or High School. The school must approve Saving Generations to host the Olive Branch Program for the parent fees to be waived.

FWD (Fun With Discipline) “Discipline & Community Compliance”. So often children are held back (left out) because of discipline issues. Saving Generations FWD program desires motivating these youth to move forward with proper encouragement and positive discipline. This is an after-school program established to partner with elementary & middle school aged children.

Outreach: Outreach is the division where we provide community service work and general fundraisers to promote the mission of the organization.
Judicial: The judicial program is established to offer resources to those who may have spent time in the penal system (youth or adult). Our goal is to do what we can to alleviate recidivism.

Restoration: Restoration is the organizations involvement to create facilities that promote learning, physical awareness and family continuity (i.e. computer labs, community gardens, recreation centers/community help centers).

Parenting/Family Classes: Our parenting classes focus on providing information to create a safe & stable family. Our desire is to strengthen the parent(s) so that they may offer a solid foundation for the kids to live a happy/healthy life. This program is usually court/DFACS ordered but any individual can participate. *Fees may apply

Life coaching for any member of Saving Generations is available. This program operates on a sliding scale fee basis. Appointments can be scheduled via in person, via video chat or phone call. Please be advised that Saving Generations is not allowed to prescribe medication or offer any official clinical diagnosis.

Entrepreneur Program: Program in which youth and/or family members are taught the ends and outs of a trade or future career. We have partnered with companies and/or individuals that teach in their respective fields which includes but are not limited to: website design, create/manage programming on our internet syndicated radio station (Our Vibe Network), create and publicize their own literary work, basic home health training, and lots more. The proceeds from monthly/annual client fees are applied to the efforts of Saving Generations and are considered tax deductible.

“Every caterpillar must go through an ugly
cocoon stage to emerge into the beautiful butterfly
they were destined to be”. ~ Danice Wilson

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