About the Founder

Danice Bates, Doctoral Marriage & Family Therapist Student Practitioner by way of Northcentral University, was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She later moved to Metro Atlanta where she was able to acquired her AA in Business Management, her BS in Business Healthcare Administration, and became a Certified Medical Assistance specializing in pediatrics and the family practice. Danice transitioned her Masters in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy to acquiring her Master’s in Education. She has served as a Family Independence Case Worker for Cobb County and owned a licensed family daycare center from 1997-2007, a member of the Cobb County Juvenile Court’s Youth Diversion Program and is the Founder/Life Coach of Saving Generations (a public IRS nonprofit 501c3 youth/families organization located in both Metro Atlanta and Prince George’s County, Baltimore County & Baltimore City). Mrs. Bates is the founder/producer of Our Vibe Network (a syndicated internet based international radio station affiliated with SG Entrepreneurship Division that airs 24/7/365 in over 100 countries) along with Tinker My Hobby (Arlington, VA), an upscale DIY arts & crafts company that allows the participant to mentally/emotionally decompress and dive into what they consider as art/creativity.

After nearly 10 years as the CFO of Tall Boy Enterprises (2016), Mrs. Wilson-Bates served as the CFO/President of HR & Business Relations of Strickly Entertainment,LLC (2017-2020). Though plagued by several life-threatening medical issues, Mama D (lovingly called) continues to add accomplishments to her repertoire. She has been inducted into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, Cambridge Who’s Who, is Honorary Chairman on the Business Advisory Council representing the State of Georgia, an ordained Minister offering Pastoral Care via Restored by Faith Ministries and is a published author of the children’s book, A Whole Lot of Love Is Where It’s At.

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